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We welcome you to ANGEL ORACLE

Here at Angel Oracle, Bernadette and Christine, both gifted Clairvoyant Mediums from birth, offer exceptional Tarot and Angel Readings, Numerology, Astrology and a selection of Complementary Therapies to balance body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We will also be facilitating one to one Angel and Psychic workshops where we will teach you how to link with the unseen Spirit Energies, your Guardian Angel, Archangels and Spirit Guide.

We channel from the Divine Source, Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Spirit World, to provide you with practical, yet invaluable spiritual guidance that bridges the two worlds of seen and unseen energies.

Bernadette Cross (Dip Hyp, INLPTA, ANRHP, ITEC, Reiki Master)
Hypnotherapist, Hypno–Psychotherapist/Past–Life Regression, NLP Practitioner & Spiritual Life–Coach

Bernadette is a natural born, gifted, accurate Clairvoyant Medium, specializing in Life Path Readings, Spiritual Life Coaching and Angel Card Readings. Bernadette followed spiritual guidance to enhance her natural abilities and studied Psychology at Leeds University and chose the best schools and Teachers (International Therapy Education Council) for her Holistic Therapies of:

Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

Through becoming a Reiki Master (Usui Lineage), Bernadette accessed a deeper holistic healing and rebalancing of energies to facilitate improved health to clients. She is able to teach Reiki to students at Levels I, II & III.

"My guidance is that the mind and body are intrinsically linked and dis–ease in the body starts with imbalance in the mind and emotions, before it manifests as organic illness in the body.
By training in Hypnotherapy and NLP (Awaken School of Oriented Psychotherapies – UKCP registered), I can use my gifts to help clients regain control and access their subconscious mind, to achieve set outcomes and positively affect their conscious mind/body/spirit and emotions."

Christine Chadwick

Christine is a natural born, extremely accurate Medium and Clairvoyant, specializing in Life Path Card Readings, Psychic Counselling and Numerology. With over 40 years experience, this lovely, warm, gifted lady has learnt through previous personal life issues to apply this knowledge to help people logically, and spiritually. Christine says:

"Messages come through our daily lives, from spirit energies/Angels; we have to learn how to recognize these. It is not always a voice or a vision, but artefacts we use in our daily lives, they also use to give us a sign or a message. This can be taught in workshops or through personal reading."

Christine is a Member of the 'Psychic Circle' and has trained in Counselling, accredited by Leeds University. To contact Christine, please call on


Please send a cheque for the service you require, ensuring full respective details are included. Make the cheque payable to the Practitioner you wish to engage, either Bernadette Cross or Christine Chadwick. We will confirm receipt of payment by email and advise the appropriate date of your appointment.
Face to face apppointments are available - please email your requirements.

For all enquiries, please contact us on
NB - This contact is only for Bernadette - can you continue to send emails for the attention of Christine clearly marked for her attention. Bernadette will not be able to book, or take any messages for Christine.

For all bookings, please contact either Bernadette or Christine on their respective telephone numbers as stated at the top of the page.